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Nile surveys & Geosolutions ltd was registered in 2011 and incorporated in 2013 is a geo-information consultancy working in the fields of Engineering Surveying, Land Surveying Land Use Planning, Aerial Mapping, Geographic Information Systems, Geodetic GPS control surveys, Cadastral surveys and Remote sensing.

The company has invested heavily in appropriate technology for efficient delivery of services to its clients. We utilize state of the art equipment at the field and office thus ensuring that surveys of any kind can be completed on time and within budget. Our field equipment allows us to operate in one and two man modes for greater efficiency in collecting data. In addition, we utilize the newest survey software to help ensure accurate and efficient data collection.

Further, the company has invested in modern hardware, software and ancillary equipment to produce land plans, digital maps, GIS resources, and other geo-information outputs accurately and cost effectively. Presently, Nile Surveys and Geosolutions has a professional team of 12, who possess the requisite education, relevant experience, skills, integrity and commitment to the highest quality necessary to meet the standards of our firm and exceed the expectations of our clients. The team includes professional Surveyors Licensed , graduate Geometric engineers, Surveyors in training, GIS technicians, survey field crew and administrative staff . All highly motivated and eager to assist clients with their needs, and to provide quality services in an exceptionally responsive manner.

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